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...Specializing in audio engineering, mixing and mastering, music production, film scoring and live performance.

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Professional Production Service

I have experience in all genres and styles of music. Whether you are looking for a custom track, tag for podcasts or commercials, or film or video game scoring,  I can assist you. I also provide mixing and mastering services, and production consultation. I can provide feedback, and help you finish that amazing idea you have but may be stuck.  I do my best to provide high quality work while meeting time sensitive deadlines!

What I do


Mixing & Mastering

Affordable Mixing, Mastering and Production Consultancy services with the utmost attention to time sensitive deadlines without sacrificing quality.

TV - Film - Video Game

Sync Licensing and Custom Creation of music for commercials, film and video games. Our quality audio will set the mood and shape your viewers experience.

Ghost Production

Looking for a ghost producer?
I offer quality ghost production services of all genres and styles with full or exclusive rights and anonymity.

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About Jason Barnes

Jason Barnes is an American Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, and Actor from Atlanta, Georgia.

An alumni at Icon Collective School Of Music of Los Angeles and the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, Jason Barnes offers affordable mixing and mastering services, ghost production, and custom music production, commercial and private. Multi-instrumentalist and collaborator at The Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, Jason has experience with production of all genres, and creativity through Artificial Intelligence.